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NKBA Kitchen Design Trends 2024

Are you considering a “kitchen remodel near me” and looking for the latest trends to inspire your project? The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) has just released its highly anticipated 2024 Kitchen Trends Report, offering a wealth of insights into what’s hot in the world of kitchen design. From multi-functional spaces to sustainability, this report, compiled from a survey of nearly 50,000 North American professionals, is your guide to creating a kitchen that’s not only stylish but also meets the needs of modern homeowners. Let’s dive into the key findings and see how they can influence your next kitchen remodel, with a special focus on recommendations from Kitchen and Bath Center for your cabinetry and design needs.

The Reign of Gold and Textures

The NKBA report reveals a significant shift towards gold finishes in kitchen faucets, lighting fixtures, and sinks, suggesting a move away from the traditional stainless and black finishes. Matte, brushed, and satin textures are leading the way, providing a sophisticated yet warm look to kitchens. Additionally, the emphasis on texture is growing, with textured backsplashes and high-texture wood grain on cabinetry making a strong statement. Incorporating these elements into your kitchen can add depth and interest, with Kitchen and Bath Center offering a range of options that align with these “kitchen cabinets trend 2024” insights.

Golden Kitchen Hardware

Green as the New Go-To Color

Green Kitchen Cabinets

Moving beyond the classic whites, the NKBA report identifies green as the color of choice for kitchens in 2024. From cabinetry to backsplashes, integrating shades of green can breathe life into your space, creating a calming and nature-inspired ambiance. Kitchen and Bath Center can help you select the perfect hue to match this trend, ensuring your kitchen feels contemporary and inviting.

Dedicated Beverage Areas and the Island Evolution

As homes evolve, so do their kitchens. A notable trend is the rise of dedicated beverage areas, catering to the diverse preferences of wine aficionados, smoothie lovers, and coffee enthusiasts alike. This goes hand-in-hand with the transformation of the kitchen island, which now serves multiple purposes beyond just a prep area—it’s a dining table, a gathering spot, and a statement piece all rolled into one. Kitchen and Bath Center’s designs can incorporate these elements seamlessly, ensuring your kitchen is not only functional but also a true focal point of your home.

Weston Kitchen Cabinets

Lighting and Quiet Luxury

Kitchen Lighting

The report highlights the importance of layered lighting solutions that cater to different needs and moods within the kitchen. From ambient and decorative to nighttime lighting, the right fixtures can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your space. Moreover, the move towards quieter kitchens, with noise-reducing features in appliances and cabinetry, underscores a preference for a serene and luxurious cooking environment. Kitchen and Bath Center’s offerings are in line with these trends, ensuring your kitchen remodel meets the 2024 standards of comfort and style.

Smart Storage and Sustainability

Kitchen Cabinets Smart Storage

Efficient use of space through smart storage solutions is a key focus, with walk-in pantries, customizable cabinets, and workstation sinks gaining popularity. Sustainability also remains a priority, with eco-friendly choices in materials and appliances being preferred. Kitchen and Bath Center can guide you through selecting sustainable materials and designs that optimize storage and functionality, aligning with the 2024 kitchen trends.


The NKBA’s 2024 Kitchen Trends Report offers a roadmap for homeowners looking to embark on a kitchen remodel. With a focus on gold and textured finishes, green color palettes, multi-functional islands, innovative lighting, quiet appliances, and sustainable materials, there’s no shortage of ideas to inspire your next project. For those searching for “kitchen remodel near me,” Kitchen and Bath Center stands ready to bring these trends to life in your home, ensuring a space that’s not only in vogue but also personalized to your lifestyle.

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