Affordable Kitchen Cabinets Financing

Apply for Kitchen and Bath Center low payment financing options. In partnership with Greensky, a Goldman Sachs subsidiary, offering personalized solutions to make your dream kitchen a reality. Affordable monthly payments, starting as low as $299/month, financing options for every project budget and style.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Simple Financing




No minimum purchase required

Online application

Zero pre-payment penalty

Up to 200K financing

Estimated Monthly Payment

Monthly payment is based on the 12.99% for 120 months financing 1Plan#2832.

$2,5001.49%120 months$37.25
$5,0001.49%120 months$74.50
$7,5001.49%120 months$111.75
$10,0001.49%120 months$149.00
$12,5001.49%120 months$186.25
$15,0001.49%120 months$223.50
$17,5001.49%120 months$260.75
$20,0001.49%120 months$298.00
$25,0001.49%120 months$372.50
$30,0001.49%120 months$447.00
$35,0001.49%120 months$521.50
$40,0001.49%120 months$596.00
$45,0001.49%120 months$670.50
$50,0001.49%120 months$745.00
$55,0001.49%120 months$819.50
$60,0001.49%120 months$894.00
$65,0001.49%120 months$968.50

Why should get Kitchen and Bath Center's Financing?

Purchased your kitchen cabinets now and pay over time

Save 3% to 5% in closing costs

Protect your home equity and savings

Up to 200K financing

Kitchen and Bath Center Financing Card


1Plan 2832. Subject to credit approval. This is a 120-month loan. This loan begins with a 6-month introductory period beginning at approval. Your payments will be calculated at 1.49252% of your total aggregate purchases. Your payments begin approximately 1 month after your first transaction. The number of payments you actually make will depend on the date of your first transaction as your principal balance will be $0 until your first transaction. The 6-month introductory period will be followed by 114 payments of principal and interest based on the remaining balance 6 months after your approval date. Any additional payment above your minimum amount due will be applied to the principal of the loan but will not reduce or eliminate your next, regularly scheduled loan payment. Your annual interest rate is fixed at 12.99% for the life of the loan. You will have up to 6 months starting at activation of your loan during which you can spend your credit limit. We will send you monthly statements during the life of the loan. Please refer to your loan agreement for additional details. Call 866-936-0602 for financing costs and terms.